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Allen Chadwick and Brian Bergstrom create custom hardwood furniture. Through the fusion of meticulous craftsmanship with modern design, they feature the natural beauty of the material.

Since 1998, Chadwick and Bergstrom have been creating fine custom furniture. Based in Des Moines, their work has been showcased on national publications and other visual media.

Please contact us to see what we can do for you. Call us at (515) 288-8048 or send a note online at info@chadwickbergstrom.com.

Custom Craftsmanship
Chadwick and Bergstrom customizes furniture for a variety of uses. Our areas of expertise include commercial, residential, office and specialized uses.

For you, custom furniture means an original and unique piece to be an attractive part of your living or working space. Custom craftsmanship allows you, the customer, to have as much or as little direction over the design as you’d like.

Contact Us
address:  319 SW 5th Street
  Des Moines, IA
phone:  (515)447.5776
email:  bergstrom8@gmail.com
Des Moines, Iowa
319 SW 5th Street
phone: 515.447.5776
email: bergstrom8@gmail.com
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